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The world of flash games sure is big, is kinda like a maze where one travels and looks for the treasure chest, sometimes it is a very well designed game hidden from the public view, or sometimes a poorly designed game that doesn’t even bother to have decent gameplay, all in all, we can safely say that this universe is pretty dense, but for today’s article, we will talk about a game called “PACXON”, the fusion between Pacman and Xonix.

In this game, you’re Pacxon, and your objective will be closing spaces until you reach a specific percentage, this can vary from 80% to even 90% or 94%, the enemies in this game are the famous ghosts from said character, and their objective will be to stop you before you close a line, but don’t worry! The game presents you certain power ups to facilitate the whole adventure, these are: Cherries (Pacman moves faster), Bananas (Enemies move slower), Popsicles (Enemies stop moving for a while) and Pills, which allow you to eat the ghosts and clear the levels more easily.

There are 20 levels in Pacxon game, each one with a variation of the difficulty, but the objective remains the same, close all the lines and reach the end of the level, each of the ghosts also have a different ways to approach you, for example, the Orange Ghost will pursue you along the border lines you’ve previously made, so you need to stay away from it when closing a line or the Pink Ghost that will move vertically or diagonally at a very fast speed, they are the most bothersome of the bunch but also the easiest to trap into a line due to their pattern being somewhat repetitive an predictable.

So, once you understood the way this Pacxon game works, let me offer you some winning tips in order to close levels faster, and reach the end of the game, for starters, if you’re hit by a ghost when you’re closing a line, it is not immediate game over, no, you have a very short period to return back to the closed lines before it goes back and kills you, I’ll call it the “Red Effect” as during the game that’s how you pretty much die (Touched by a ghost, your line turning red, you lose).

The best way you can get advantage of the Red Effect is by making a very long line and staying close to the borders of the screen or in any case, staying close with your closed lines, the longer the line you’re trying to close, the longer the “Red Effect” will take place, so it is very important to watch out for this! Now remember that this is only applicable with the ghosts that try to kill you from outside the border edges of your closed lines, if you’re hit by an orange ghost, the effect will not take place at all and you’ll die immediately.

So, the general strategy in Pacxon is to carefully stay outside of the Ghost’s range, close a line, and repeat the tactic, right? That’s right, the better you stay outside of the ghost ‘s range, the better, but what if I want to get the power-ups to finish faster? That’s another matter then, power ups appear randomly at the beginning of a level or during the level at any random moment, the problem is that the location of these power-ups vary, so if a cherry appears at the very right bottom of the screen and you’re located far away from it, it is better to not pick it up.

Not only because you put yourself in danger when doing so, but also because Pac Xon isn’t fast enough to reach them before they disappear, so if you want to get better results in this game Pacxon, my tip is, don’t pick the power ups unless they are close, and if they’re close, try to pick it faster before a ghost catches you, as none of them will give you any extra lives at all, so try to remain focused!

We reach the end for the Winning Tips of Pac Xon, if I have to say, it is a pretty good game, specially if you want to play a weird but fascinating fusion between two series of games with totally different gameplay, it is very simple yet enjoyable as any well done Flash Game, if you have the time, try to play it for a bit, you may even get addicted to the Pacxon game!

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